The Reels O Dublin Slot Machine

The Reels O Dublin slot machine is manufactured by WMS. It is currently one of the most popular slot machines around at the moment, mainly because odds of winning are said to be good. When you are playing you have the chance to win free spins and triggering bonus rounds. All you have to do to get the chance is activate the Hot Hot Super Jackpot feature and then place a bet. This is popular amongst players as it creates a real sense of excitement.

There is also a Hot Hot Super Jackpot re-spin feature which gives you an additional chance to re-spin any reels without a bonus symbol.

If you d get awarded a Free Spin Bonus you will usually be awarded 15 free spins which I am sure you will agree is a great bonus.

Any payouts that contain the Wild Symbol when won will be multiplied by 8.

As there are so any ways to win on this machine it is easy to see why it is so popular. Of course these machine are always a gamble and there is no exact science however many people enjoy this game because of the added re-spin features and the chance to win big money.

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